Jojo is a delivery app connecting senders with transporters already going on the way of your package.

Hire a Jojo, be a Jojo or be both! We connect senders with transporters who are already heading towards the direction of your package.

Less hassle for senders, extra money for transporters!

Jump on the Jojo track and join the crowdshipping revolution today!

Send items faster than you can say, Get me a Jojo!

• Fast and secure shipping: with real-time GPS tracking, insurance, and peer-to-peer communication.
• More than just shipping: it’s about sending items at your convenience, 24/7, with less headaches.
• Sustainable way to ship without adding vehicles on the road and making unnecessary plastic pouches.
• Community of helpers: your item’s safe when it’s in the helpful hands of a Jojo.

Want to turn your commute into cash? Apply as a Jojo transporter and deliver packages to destinations you’re already headed to.

• Convenient side-gig: turn that commute into cash by signing up as a Jojo transporter.
• Endless possibilities: no limit of package request.
• Earn on the go: get direct cash payment for each successful delivery.

Don’t miss this chance to earn while on the go or send items anywhere in Metro Manila for just a minimum of 99 pesos.

May ipapadala ka? Sabay kita with #JojoPasabay delivery app.

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