Why Growing Air Freight Traffic Is Good for Courier Services

Air freight volumes have increased continuously since the 2009 recession, when world trade had declined significantly. The growth has been driven by the economic upturn since 2009. In 2014, the air cargo market witnessed significant growth with volumes increasing by 4.5% as compared to the 3% growth in world trade. This was the strongest growth since world trade rebounded in 2010. Growth in 2014 was due to higher contribution of the developed economies to economic growth. In 2014, 51% of the global economic growth came from developed economies as compared to 18% in 2013.However, 2015 seems to be a year of cautious optimism. Growth has flattened in the past several months, with volumes shrinking throughout 1Q15. The main reason for flattening in global trade is adverse developments in the Asia-Pacific market. Both imports and exports in the region have continued to fall in 2015. In addition, slowing Chinese economy adds further downside risks.…
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