Types of Courier Services and Service Providers

Courier companies offer different services, so customers can choose among different options, depending on their budget and needs.Standard courier services involve collecting the parcels, sorting the parcels, and transferring the parcels to the closest depot to the delivery location. The parcel is then loaded on a van and delivered to the desired destination. This service takes a few days, and it is generally the cheapest of all courier services. Overnight service is the same as standard service, but slightly more expensive, and the parcel is guaranteed to be delivered by the next day. Same-day express courier is the most expensive of all courier services and used for deliveries that are of an urgent nature. International courier service is used for transfer of goods overseas. The price varies greatly depending on the size of the package and speed required. Pallet courier services are used for delivering goods on pallets. This service offers strict delivery schedules…
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